UI/UX Design - User Interface & Experience

User experience design describes a process that goes beyond conventional online media design. Rather, it extends beyond the concept of information architecture, software ergonomics and "user-tainment" through to the actual design of the visual appearance, user interface design. Previously, the terms screen design or interaction design have been used. Not meant is, however, web design.

"The secret of user experience design is that you can feel it."

To make web strategy that builds on an special information architecture become visible, several design and evaluation processes are necessary. To skip this essential steps, however, different sites from portals, good tools from evil and annoying dialog boxes from web easyness.Entrepreneurs and UI / UX designers must work closely together. There are several reasons: firstly, interaction design and navigation design are difficult to communicate, and also the willingness for budgeting these processes on the part of the contracting organization is not very large.Nevertheless, for example, award-winning product design is often more successful than other goods.

The result of a failure is often a conceptual gap, a faulty connection between structure and the visual interface is shown, and ultimately the internet users are complicated using the site services.

What a dilemma!

In such a case, the visual design can be as beautiful as it wants ...

User Experience Design (or: User Centered Design) allows the user to facilitate searching, navigation and processing the information provided on the website content in the most intuitive way. It is important to come forward the "user" in his usage, but still not to block the view on new easier ways use. As a designer you need a good feeling for user experiences, and empirical or scientific foundations of cognitive psychology to find the way to a valuable useful interface. Therefore interviews and tests are recommended and necessary.

Interaction design has an incredible impact on the success of your application experience.

Source: Adobe Systems
in the online video intro for Flash Catalyst CS5.


Enclosed are a few links that show how important user-interface design and user experience design are now.


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